Teachable Moments

Mike was a player with quick temper and low self esteem. When he was invited to join Starburst United, he was excited as he had been waiting for an opportunity to join a soccer team that play matches against other teams.


At home, Mike was often looked down upon as he was the only one in Normal Technical stream. Despite working hard in his studies and being the top scorer in English, Mike felt that his father did not appreciate his efforts. As a result of not being recognized, Mike had low self esteem and could be quick-tempered in an attempt to show that he was not weak. Mike understood that on matches, attitude and character were crucial.

Hence, he was able to control his anger when faced with the opponent’s rough play. After the match, he opened up to share with a social worker on moments when he almost lost his temper. This allowed the social worker to process with him his experiences and helped him better control his temper.