Governance Evaluation Checklist

Evaluation Period : April 2014 – March 2015

S/No. Code Description Compliance
1 Are there Board members holding staff appointments?
(Skip items 1 and 2 if “No”)

There are no board members holding staff appointments.

2 If the governing instrument permits staff to become Board members, they should comprise not more than one-third of the Board. Not applicable
3 Staff does not chair the Board. Not applicable
4 There is a maximum term limit of four consecutive years for the Treasurer position (or equivalent, e.g. Finance Committee Chairman). Complied
5 There are Board committees (or designated Board members) with documented terms of reference. Complied
6 The Board meets regularly with a quorum of at least one-third or at least three members, whichever is greater (or as required by the governing instrument). Complied.

Quorum of 50% is required.

7 There are documented procedures for Board members and staff to declare actual or potential conflicts of interest to the Board. Complied
8 Board members do not vote or participate in decision-making on matters where they have a conflict of interest. Complied
9 The Board reviews and approves the vision and mission of the charity. They are documented and communicated to its members and the public. Complied
10 The Board approves and reviews a strategic plan for the charity to ensure that the activities are in line with its objectives. Complied
11 The Board approves documented human resource policies for staff. Complied
12 There are systems for regular supervision, appraisal and professional development of staff. Complied
13 The Board ensures internal control systems for financial matters are in place with documented procedures. Complied
14 The Board ensures reviews on the charity’s controls, processes, key programmes and events. Complied
15 The Board approves an annual budget for the charity’s plans and regularly monitors its expenditure. Complied
16 The charity discloses its reserves policy in the annual report. Complied
17 Does the charity invest its reserves?
(Skip item 16 if “No”)
18 The charity invests its reserves in accordance with an investment policy approved by the Board. It obtains advice from qualified professional advisors, if deemed necessary by the Board. Complied
19 Donations collected are properly recorded and promptly deposited by the charity. Complied
20 The charity makes available to its stakeholders an annual report that includes information on its programmes, activities, audited financial statements, Board members and executive management. Complied
21 Are Board members remunerated for their Board services?
(Skip items 19 and 20 if “No”)
Complied. Board members are not remunerated for their board services.
22 No Board member is involved in setting his or her own remuneration. Not applicable
23 The charity discloses the exact remuneration and benefits received by each Board member in the annual report. Not applicable
24 Does the charity employ paid staff?

(Skip items 21 and 22 if “No”)



The charity employs paid staff.

25 No staff is involved in setting his or her own remuneration. Complied
26 The charity discloses in its annual report the annual remuneration of its three highest paid staff who each receives remuneration exceeding $100,000, in bands of $100,000. If none of its top three highest paid staff receives more than $100,000 in annual remuneration each, the charity discloses this fact. Complied
27 The charity accurately portrays its image to its members, donors and the public. Complied


Note: This submission is for IPC with gross annual receipts of more than $200,000 and less than $10 million, for the past two immediate preceding financial years. This Governance Evaluation Checklist is also available for public viewing at the e-Service page on Charity Portal (