I used to be someone who didn’t have any dreams or goals in life. Back then, I was a part of SHINE’s programme in school called ‘Start Right.’ Being a part of that programme sparked something in me, I would head to SHINE every single day whenever I’m free, even after school, to chill and study. It was a home away from home, and I was comfortable. I started volunteering with SHINE to help with simple tasks for their various programs from preparing materials to logistics. Later, I started to volunteer for the ‘Start Right’ and ‘Reading Odyssey’ programme. Being that I was once a student of ‘Start Right’, it inspired me to be someone whom I needed when I was younger and be an inspiration to the next generation.

Volunteering in these programmes was fun and enriching because I experienced first-hand how one person can make an impact and difference to another person’s life. The feeling of joy when I see the students in the programme learn and grow is why I love volunteering with SHINE. I want to make my students feel as comfortable as I was back when I was a student with SHINE.

I think everyone can be a hero to someone in their own ways, and every hero is different. What’s important is to have the ability to connect with the students or other persons. I hope I can be someone whom I needed when I was younger. That to me is a hero.
– Jing Yue, SHINE Volunteer