In the Media

15 Nov 2019  Social workers recognised for efforts to help youths-at-risk, terminally ill patients
9 Sept 2019  Bank of Singapore holds coding and cybersecurity workshop for teenagers
7 Sept 2019  Mid-Autumn delight on an Istana night
7 Sept 2019  Programme to help vulnerable primary school children graduate pays off | Video
9 April 2019  President Halimah turns storyteller as she reads to underprivileged children at Istana picnic
25 March 2019  扩大至西南区学校 综合关怀计划获博彩局注资162万元
11 March 2019  After-school programmes help disadvantaged students regain confidence | Video
5 March 2019  MOE FY2019 Committee of Supply Debate Response by Second Minister for Education Indranee Rajah
5 March 2019  Parliament: 60 more secondary schools to offer after-school care programmes
5 November 2018  Call to give more guidance, support to disadvantaged kids
1 November 2018  Trade-offs unavoidable in social policy: MSF
10 October 2018 From school to workplace: Help for disadvantaged youth

Programmes to help youth transition from school to workplace

鼓励参与兴趣小组提升技能 青年组织助工教生规划职业

Program perkasa belia masuki alam pekerjaan dilancar

9 October 2018 New programmes to level playing field for disadvantaged youth
18 March 2018 Student Care Services now known as SHINE Children and Youth Services

Youngsters get chance to shine

23 August 2017 通过不同平台让孩子发挥潜能,联合晚报
18 August 2017 Passion for photography transforms once-rebellious teen
3 August 2017 《完成一个梦》第十集:别叫我坏孩子,早报
19 March 2017 Help schemes for kids come under one online system
3 March 2017 Teens get confidence boost through participation in the arts, AsiaOne
15 November 2016 Students Care Service, Care Corner Singapore to run three programmes to help at-risk youth, The Straits Times
7 November 2016 Child and Adolescent Suicides: How We Can Help Prevent It
2 November 2016 Over 50 volunteers bring joy to elderly folk of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, AsiaOne
4 October 2016 Students who’ve fallen behind in school get fresh hope for the future, AsiaOne
29 June 2016 Absent student turns her life around through music, AsiaOne
19 May 2016 Juvenile offender turns over new leaf after meeting children with AIDS in Cambodia, AsiaOne
1 February 2016 Helping parents envision a brighter future for their children, AsiaOne
3 November 2015 Nurturing girls to become better, stronger, smarter, AsiaOne
30 September 2015 Youth COP: Crime-prevention for Youth, through Youth, AsiaOne
14 September 2015 Building futures one golf ball at a time, AsiaOne
13 July 2015 Motivating teens through their love of football, AsiaOne
16 June 2015 Social ‘seatbelts’ keep teens on the right track, AsiaOne
8 May 2015 From ‘hopeless failure’ to school librarian, AsiaOne
23 April 2015 Transforming lives, one student at a time, AsiaOne
12 July 2014 Bringing a hobby community together for a good cause
1 July 2014 Teachable Moments
18 November 2013 Singapore Gold Cup 2013
29 October 2012 Another SCS Social Worker is bestowed the Outstanding Social Worker Award
2 June 2012 Mandarin Seminar on Autism
11 March 2012 Carnival of Drums 2012 featured in NCSS “Rapport” Aug 12 issue
11 March 2012 Carnival of Drums 2012
20 August 2011 Bosch Automotive CARnival 2011
22 May 2010 Students Care Service receives $12,000 Coca-Cola Founder’s Day donation
9 Feb 2010 Increase in the number of girls having underaged sex”, Today
31 Jan 2010 Going Miles, Bringing Smiles: An Overseas Community Project in Cambodia
26 Sep 2009 “Boys from Clementi Centre emerged as U12 Street Soccer Champ”
21 Sep 2009 “Day of Peace Celebration”
16 Sep 2009 “Learning to treasure one’s life”, ZaoBao Comma
29 Aug 2009 “Students Care Service launches EMIT!”
18 Apr 2009 “Top HSBC volunteers given awards”, Straits Times
05 Sep 2008 “Three main issues facing teenagers”, Friday Weekly – Issue 826
16 Aug 2008 “Exam Stress – In P5 and she wanted to beat up her parents”, Today
10 Jul 2008 “Volunteer Organisations – Help for helpers”, Today
11 Mar 2008 “Refrain from switching schools for your child”, Sin Min Daily
11 Jan 2008 “Talk about Sex – refrain from preaching”, Friday Weekly – Issue 792
21 Dec 2007 “Common problems facing students during exam period”, Friday Weekly – Issue 789
21 Nov 2007 “$300K more annually to reform young offenders”, Today
21 Nov 2007 “Additional funds for programme to help young offenders”, Lianhe Zaobao
21 Nov 2007 “Programme to help young offenders gets $300K boost”, Straits Times
01 Nov 2007 “Attracting, Retaining and Optimising Resources”, NCSS Rapport – Nov/Dec’07 issue
10 Aug 2007 “Instill desired values from young”, Friday Weekly – Issue 760
06 Aug 2007 “SMS Counselling to help students deal with exam stress”, Channelnewsasia
04 Aug 2007 “More social workers upgrade skills”, Straits Times