Targeted Interventions focuses on target groups with specific needs and issues. Social Work professionals reach out to vulnerable at risk children, youth and their families through preventive, early intervention and remedial programmes, guided by research, theories, practice wisdom and professional excellence.

As an Integrated Service Provider (ISP), we provide the following programmes to at-risk youth.

  • Guidance Programme (GP)
  • Enhanced STEP-UP (ESU)
  • Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES)
  • Theft Intervention Programme* (TIP)
  • Triage

We also run the Youth COP (Community On Patrol) Programme which is an award-winning social work programme that aims to reduce juvenile delinquency through early preventive intervention work. As youth crime is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, it requires a many-helping-hands approach with families, schools and the community working together. The Youth COP programme’s collaborative approach between SHINE, Neighbourhood Police Centre and the School allows the programme to impact on the lives of at-risk youths across multiple contexts.