SHINE Children and Youth Services deeply appreciates our volunteers who demonstrate what service means in a tangible way. Together, we have achieved success in carrying out our mission of helping children and youth realise their potential. We are proud of our volunteers’ expression of love, care and concern for our young Singaporeans.

The Principles of Effective Helping

Acceptance Accepting the client’s individual uniqueness.
Confidentiality Safeguarding all information about clients/service-users.
Empathy Identifying with one another and having the capacity to empathise with the emotions and thoughts of our clients
Genuineness Being open and sincere to clients.
Non-Judgmental Attitude Refraining from passing judgmental remarks on client’s belief system, values and attitudes.

Development opportunities

Orientation, training and recognition programmes are arranged to equip volunteers to effectively work alongside professional staff.

Types of Training

  • Prior-to-job training
  • On-the-job training
  • On-going training
  • External courses arranged for volunteers who have served for at least 6 months.

Be involved and make a difference!

Step 1: Download and complete the Volunteer Application form

Step 2: Email or fax the completed Volunteer Application form to the centre you would like to serve in.

Alternatively, you can contact our following Volunteer Coordinators to assist you: