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Nothing Is Impossible (NII)

The Nothing Is Impossible (NII) campaign is SHINE Children and Youth Services’ signature fundraising event, dedicated to empowering children and youth. Our campaign is inspired by the belief that with determination, support, and the right resources, every child can overcome challenges and realize their full potential.

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Through NII, we aim to:


  • Create Awareness: Raise funds and awareness to support children and youth in overcoming challenges, ensuring they receive the resources they need to thrive.

  • Inspire Hope: Show children and youth that with the support of the community, truly nothing is impossible.

  • Build a Community of Support: Unite friends, families, and the community to support and encourage our young individuals.

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You can support the Nothing Is Impossible campaign in the following ways:


  • Set Up Your Own Challenge: Create a challenge on our microsite and help raise funds to support our cause.

  • Donate to Existing Challenges: View and contribute to existing challenges to cheer on participants and support their efforts.

  • Spread the Word: Share the campaign with your friends and family.

Join us in making a difference and prove that with collective effort, truly Nothing Is Impossible! Click here to learn more and get involved.

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