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A defiant & impulsive boy's journey to becoming a community leader

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Nominated by his teachers in Kent Ridge Secondary School, Shah joined Youth COP in Secondary 1. That started his journey as a crime-prevention leader. Once a timid boy, Shah’s low confidence and self-esteem resulted in acts of defiance and impulsivity in school.

Through Youth COP, Shah’s strengths were identified and used to encourage him to develop positively. The training sessions and interactions with social workers and the police on Youth COP, helped Shah to grow in affiliation to his school and more importantly, to his new identity as a Youth COP leader, respected by his peers.

Throughout his journey on the program, Shah faced challenges at home. This led to insecurities and the lack of a sense of belonging to home. With the guidance of Youth COP social workers, Shah built up competencies in managing his anger, knowledge on laws and the consequences of breaking them, as well as developed skills in public speaking and engagement. He also took part in the ALL STARS Soccer Programme.

All these, together with his school’s strong support, enabled Shah to make observable progress in school. He also learnt to manage his relationship with others better. Shah was nominated by his peers to be the Leader of the Operations Team of Camp Leaders for Camp ONE - Youth COP’s annual camp after completing his leadership training. He was later selected by his school for media interviews which showcased his resilience and the impact of Youth COP’s collaboration with the school and police on him.

"I shine through my strengths and weaknesses." - Shah

This year, Shah was appointed as Youth COP consultant, the highest rank a student can achieve in the program. He is motivated to do his best for his N-levels and hopes to be able to enrol in the Institute of Technical Education’s nursing course to help others.

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