SHINE Athlete / Ambassador

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Celebrate children and youth by coming together in our Superhero Community!

Registration End Date - 31st December 2022

Are you a talented artist, a budding musician, or an aspiring athlete?

Use your skills, talents, and time to raise awareness and funds for the children, youth, and families!

Do what you do best and inspire others to do the same in support of our programmes and services.

Explore how some are making a difference:

Through Sports

SHINE Athletes dedicate their passion for sports to 'Maximise Potential.

We welcome all runners, walkers, cyclists, swimmers & workout enthusiasts.

These individuals push themselves not just for gleaming medals or public recognition but to improve the lives of children, youth, and families.

Through Creativity

SHINE Ambassadors Programme allows talented individuals who are artistic to channel their passion for arts into fundraising for the beneficiaries in SHINE.

We welcome individuals proficient in music, dance, digital illustration, calligraphy, and watercolor paintings to volunteer their time and fundraise for us.

Every dollar raised through this programme will give our beneficiaries hope for a better tomorrow.


What’s in it for me?

Feel good

Be a Hero of children and youth

Body & soul workout

Staying active & creative while doing good!

Heroic rewards

Get exclusive rewards for being our valued partner!

Unite as a team or individual and support children and youth in the community today!

Together, Nothing Is Impossible!

For more information: Whatsapp +65 8788 3159 or email

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