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Bookball Buddies

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- Support Sec 4 and 5 students in their academics, in preparation for their national N/O-Level examinations.

- Strengthen students' motivation, confidence, and preparedness for the national exams.

- Provide support through engaging in activities with them.

- Be a mentor figure to the students to provide encouragement in the months leading up to N/O levels.

About programme:

This is a structured, yet flexible academic support programme, where students are engaged in academic learning, learning of skills such as goal-setting, stress management and study skills.

Sessions involve both academic coaching as well as activities ("Book" - Academic coaching, "Ball" - activities)

Bookball aims to increase students' level of motivation, preparedness and confidence for their N/O-level examinations.

Location: West

Date/Time: Aiming to start 2nd week of July till 1st week of October. Every Friday 1.30pm to 6pm

Commitment Level: Project (Regularly, 1-3 months)

Number of Vacancies: 10

Key Responsibilities:

- To guide students in their academics

- To engage students through activities

- To be a mentor to students - to encourage and motivate them as they prepare for their N/O level examinations

Role Requirements:

📌 Fully vaccinated against COVID-19

📌 Commit to in-person physical sessions on Wednesday afternoons in the months of April, May, July, August and September.

📌 Min 18 years old.

Support Given:

- Pre-programme briefing

- Post-session debriefs

- Other forms of support if academic coaching require (e.g. academic resources)

Contact Person:

Vernice Kang

Registration Closing Date: 16/6/2023

Thank you for your interest to join us as a volunteer!

Should you have registered with us before to volunteer, welcome back and do contact us at to indicate your interest on which role you would like to join.

Please take some time to fill in the application form for us to get to know you better. The form should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Once submitted, our Volunteer Partnerships & Development team member will get in touch with you within two weeks.

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