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Community Impact Co-Designers (Corporate Group Volunteers)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

We are open to crafting meaningful volunteer partnerships with like-minded corporates, either direct with service users or indirectly in capability building so we can impact and serve more.

Some possibilities include:

• “Behind-the-Scenes” Tour / Livestream tours

• Pro Bono Volunteerism e.g. Communications, Video and Animations

• Meaningful Fundraising / Collection Drives

• “Share-a-skill” Virtual Sessions (e.g. upcycling, guitar, craft etc)

• “Learn Together” sessions with Staff & Service Users (Corporate sponsors learning session) e.g. baking, dance

• IT Assistance for service users e.g. remote or onsite troubleshooting and initial setup

• Social Media Content Creation

• Games Night Planners & Facilitators

• Capability Building of SHINE Staff and/or Volunteers e.g. sharing know-how and skills, topical clinics based on your business competencies

• Be our Reading Inspirators in our Reading Odyssey Programme (see

• Career Human Library or AMA (Ask Me Anything)

In a cosy and safe dialogue between volunteers and our youth, volunteers will share insights into their careers e.g. what is a typical day like, what are the joys and thrills of the work, what are the challenges and how they overcome it, their life experiences and life lessons learned from work, how can one prepare for work in this area, what are the options or specializations etc.

Location :

North, South, East, West, Central, Online, Remote

Date / Time :

To be determined by volunteers

Commitment Level :

One-Off, Adhoc, Project (Regularly, 1-3 months)

Role Type :

Frontline, Online Volunteering, In-Person Volunteering, Stepping Stone Volunteering, Self-Initiated Projects, Corporate Vounteering, Skills-Based, Service-Based, Operations Support

Service User / Beneficiary :

Children, Youth, Non-Profit, Community, Family

Number of Vacancies :


Key Responsibilities :

• Co-design and run the corporate volunteering project with us.

• offer relevant skills as required by some of the skilled-based projects e.g. share-a-skill, pro bono volunteerism etc.

• To take up the challenge of planning your own volunteer projects, you can refer to this report ( for an understanding of the challenges children and youth face and design a meaningful project.

Role Requirements :

• Willing to co-design the corporate volunteer project with us over the next 2-3 months.

• have the relevant skills as required by some of the skilled-based projects e.g. share-a-skill, pro bono volunteerism etc.

• No budget is required but any sponsorships and support in defraying costs will be welcome.

• Have the necessary equipments needed if required by the role e.g. video cameras for video production etc.

Support Given :

• SHINE Staff co-plan the sessions with them and will provide inputs and insights to ensure project success

• Check-ins by SHINE staff to ensure support is given.

• Staff will help with coordinating with the service users.

• SHINE will provide the online meeting platform for online programmes.

Contact Person :

James Lim,, HP: 9749-2203

Registration Closing Date :


Thank you for your interest to join us as a volunteer!

Should you have registered with us before to volunteer, welcome back and do contact us at to indicate your interest on which role you would like to join.

Please take some time to fill in the application form for us to get to know you better. The form should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Once submitted, our Volunteer Partnerships & Development team member will get in touch with you within two weeks.

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