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For many of us, 2020 was tough

Updated: May 4, 2021

Painful. Filled with changes. Uncertain. Not the best year, if you would to ask me.

Although 2020 has ended, it’s possible that one day we look back and reflect, “2020 was the year that I grew the most.” That was the year that we persevered, daily, discovering the strength to just take another step.

That was the year we saw more creative ideas coming to life than ever.

Beautiful cover by Charmaine with her rendition of "What a wonderful world".

Personally, that was the year that I learned how much we needed one another, because only the supportive relationships forged with my team, colleagues, school partners and loved ones could keep me going.

I know it was a hard year, but that awful 2020 was also the one that my youths conquered N' levels… and they are moving on to ITE this year, pursuing courses that they are interested in.

So, walk into 2021 with love to the people around us, and most importantly, to ourselves.

That way, we can continue to inspire and press on together, handling whatever that comes our way.

Take care! All the best for 2021! #weSHINEtogether

(on behalf of Ms Charmaine Tan from the School Social Work Team)

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