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Fostering creativity for a cause

Updated: Sep 14

Zoala Pte Ltd and SHINE Children and Youth Services announce an art competition fundraising partnership to help positively impact adolescents' lives.

From left to right, Jeff Lee, Founder of Zoala, Carol Muck - Head, Community Partnership of Shine, Christina Yuen, Partner Success Manager of Zoala

The partnership aims to raise awareness and funds to support adolescent mental well-being initiatives.

Zoala Pte Ltd, the conversation AI-powered mental wellness companion that builds resilience for adolescents by delivering evidence-based interventions to improve adolescent mental well-being, and Shine, a leading social charity, a member of the National Council of Social Service empowering children, youth, and their families in Singapore, are teaming up to raise awareness to strengthen adolescents' mental well-being and improve mental health literacy.

The fundraising partnership will focus on raising funds to support SHINE children, youth and families and Zoala Pte Ltd in helping to empower minds and improve mental health literacy with technology and analytics. The partnership will raise awareness of the importance of mental health for young people and will be dedicated to providing resources and support for mental health.

Zoala will help organise the art competition programs and all proceeds will go towards supporting SHINE children, youth and families with their mental health needs. This perfectly matches SHINE's mission of improving mental health literacy and provide support among youths and caregivers. The cooperation will help remind the youth and the community that prioritising mental health is essential and that they can be empowered to take positive steps towards improving their mental well-being.

"We are thrilled to partner with SHINE, focusing our combined resources to serve more youth, and this partnership will enable us to provide greater support for those who need it.” Jeff Lee - founder of Zoala Pte Ltd

"Establishing this strategic partnership is very rewarding to us. We are confident we will be empowering more children, youth, and their families in Singapore." Carol Muck - Head, Community Partnership - SHINE Children and Youth Services

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