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Mom of 4 & Instagrammer to decorate terrariums with her daughter to raise funds for students

Updated: Jul 20

An afternoon dedicated to decorating terrariums for donors of SHINE 💕

4 terrarium sets will be decorated on 17 July and be given to top 4 donors of this special campaign as tokens of appreciation.

Decorate 4 Terrarium Sets in 30 minutes.

This special Nothing Is Impossible campaign will be featured on Instagram Live, via pages of @thatmomoffour and on 17 July, 3pm.

Top 4 givers, who go above and beyond and make a donation by 18 July, 2359 will each receive the decorated Terrarium set.

Funds raised will go towards SHINE programmes that empower around 5,000 children, youths and parents each year.

Mom of 4 and Instagram Influencer, Dawn Sim revealed that her kids enjoy building terrariums with her and help the family maintain a healthy nursery at home.

As such, the sheer pressure of decorating lovely terrariums under 30 minutes should not faze her, nor her "special guest" which is one of her daughters Nyla.

Mother-daughter sweet gesture

Upon receiving the SHINE's invitation to be an ambassador, Dawn swiftly agreed and even allowed Nyla to join her in this special challenge.

Out of the goodness of her heart, Dawn rose to the occasion to partner SHINE, and for nothing in return, not even the cost of fuel.

The Yoga and Pilates instructor is also planning to do another Nothing Is Impossible challenge - 45 yoga poses in 45 days, once again, in support of the empowerment of kids.

SHINE is extremely grateful to the Dawn and Nyla for this lovely partnership.

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