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It has come to our attention that an individual entity/enterprise has been selling a reading programme utilising SHINE’s Reading Odyssey name and programme description.

We will be connecting with the entity to seek further information, and take the necessary actions where relevant. Please note that we have no connection whatsoever with this entity and whatever is being sold. ​ While the name and description being utilised is from SHINE’s Reading Odyssey programme, what is listed in the link/ site is NOT the Reading Odyssey programme

Please note the following information on the Reading Odyssey programme:

  • The Reading Odyssey programme was developed by SHINE and was launched in the community in 2015 after a pilot and evaluation in 2014 as per documentation.

  • The approach, components, and materials of the Reading Odyssey programme are property of SHINE, developed based on research, and designed to be run by community partners.

  • The programme is fully subsidised for children in the community we serve via partnerships with community partners.

  • There are NO charges for the children to receive the programme.

Partners and the public are strongly encouraged to contact SHINE for clarifications should you have any queries or concerns on the above. ​ Should you encounter similar-looking programmes that appear to utilise SHINE’s programme names and descriptions, you can please email us here Thank you for your attention and support! SHINE Reading Odyssey Team

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