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Reading Odyssey: Stories at Home

Updated: May 17, 2021

COVID-19 has brought about many challenges. There's no question about that. But we think it's also an opportunity to be thankful.

Witnessing how the team has tirelessly explore new methods has made us more appreciative of their extraordinary resilience.

When SHINE migrated its reading support programme, Reading Odyssey, online from the beginning of May 2020 through a redesigned format: Stories at Home, five out of the 10 community groups we partner on Reading Odyssey came onboard.

Stories at Home consists of curated stories read by celebrities. The children listen to these stories and then discuss them when they meet on Zoom. The discussions are followed by activities and quizzes related to the stories.

"Watching the children engaged together in the sessions has been a wonderful reward. "

More than 100 children benefited from Stories at Home with the support of 80 volunteers. While the programme is meant for primary school pupils, some of their pre-schooler siblings also joined in the sessions. Watching the children engaged together in the sessions has been a wonderful reward.

With the support and care of the community, children can continue to learn even when in challenging circumstances. But yes, it's still incomparable to reading together with them in person. Nonetheless, the challenges we face will make us treasure our upcoming physical meetings even more.

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