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Resource Kit - Study Skills by Yishun Town Secondary

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Exams are here but exam fever is optional.

Over the last few months, volunteers from the class of 3E5 (2022) of Yishun Town Secondary School juggled schoolwork and service to community and produced a study and note-taking techniques toolkit for secondary school students.

Conceptualized before the easing of safe management measure, the teachers and students wanted to offer their time to create impact and decided on this “for youths by youths” project.

It’s indeed heartening and inspiring to see how a simple idea like this would go on to build resilience, both in the volunteers who participated, as well as in our youth in the community.

As we embark on the exam season, let’s remember and support our children and youth, affirm their efforts, and encourage them.

Download the Study Guide here, which Yishun Town Secondary School has also kindly agreed to share with our community. #sgunited

Thanks again to the teachers, students, and staff of Yishun Town Secondary for making this possible.

Thanks to SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Yishun for the kind connection.

#shineforth #shinecys #volunteerism #giving #inspiration #sgcares #sgunited

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