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Unwavering Trust & Partnership 🤝

Updated: Jan 11

As Singapore make steady progress towards reopening, SHINE continues to adapt our modes of delivering support to our students in these challenging times.🤝💪

SHINE first changed The Scaffold Programme (TSP) groupwork to an online format following the introduction of circuit breaker measures in March. Partnering schools like Bowen Secondary came onboard to implement live online sessions through Zoom to support group activities and discussions.

This photo was taken during the Circuit Breaker period when we decided to tap on the virtual medium. It was a new challenge for us and the students but with the students' understanding and the right equipment we managed to make it happen.

Following Phase 2, the TSP team headed down to the school to continue to build rapport and engage the students in person. In some activities, the conditions and rules were deliberately made challenging to frustrate the students so that they would develop perseverance and so that unhealthy dynamics can be surfaced and addressed. We are glad to share that the students did not give up and eventually succeeded together in the tasks.

The above activity is one in which teams have to set out to retrieve their assign colored cards form an area of "web. The conditions and rules of the activity were intentionally made difficult to frustrate the students, so that unhealthy dynamics of the class students can be surfaced. Rules include: Silence, No touching of "web", no disconnecting from one another.

Yes, there will be changes again in the coming year, and difficulties during transitions, and nervousness when new activities are rolled out. Nonetheless, a big thanks to our partner Bowen Secondary for their ongoing support. Working together, we can realise the potential of the students. This is what unwavering trust and partnership looks like. 🤝💪

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