Empower Students To

 Maximise Their Potential

SHINE Fundraising Drive 2021

Due to COVID-19, many vulnerable families face new challenges. Fundraising has also become exceptionally difficult for charities. We would like to make an appeal to all to join us in our efforts in reaching out during these tough times.


Your donation goes to SHINE Children & Youth Services SHINE Hi-5 Challenge 2021 to fund new initiatives and existing programmes that support children and youth in these areas:

For Children with learning Difficulties :

  • Psycho-educational assessment to enable early diagnosis and intervention for children from 5 years old

  • Early intervention for underprivileged children to overcome learning difficulties

  • Consultation & support group for parents with children with special learning needs

For Children and Youth with at-risk profiles :

  • Positive youth development progammes to reduce juvenile delinquency

  • Character-building & developmental programmes to impart life skills for youths

  • Casework and counselling to support youths with mental health challenges

  • School social work to partner schools in enabling needy children & youth to encourage school completion

Training, consultation & supervision for professionals working with marginalised children and youths.





Figures at a glance (2019/20)

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Children, Youth, Parents & Other Professionals Served 

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Total Parents Served to Strengthen Families 



Other Professionals Empowered 




Positively developing students




Maximising the potential of children and youth

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Reaching out to vulnerable at-risk children, youth and their families

Serving children and youth with learning difficulties and disabilities

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Enabling Children & Youth to

Maximise Their Potential