New Initiative !

SHINE With Us & get the Ambassador T-shirt Free!

Use your unique gifts to make a difference! 

Do you ever feel like a spectator on social media? Perhaps you know there’s something you should be doing, but you just can’t pinpoint it. Most of us want to make a difference with our lives, but struggle with questions like:

Where can I find the time to volunteer?
What role can my unique gifts play in helping others?
Is my giving less significant if it's not in the “hundreds”?

In this simple initiative, SHINE relies on a distinctive partnership with Sports/Arts/Music/Food enthusiasts and uses their stories to inspire others to support vulnerable children, youth and their families. As you SHINE with us, you’ll be empowered to utilise your gifts and multiply your impact. We SHINE together!

If you’re ready to use your talents for a greater purpose, your journey begins here.


*Receive the free limited edition charity ambassador t-shirt when you


about SHINE

SHINE Children and Youth Services is a registered charity and a member of National Council of Social Service. We have been serving vulnerable children, youth and their families in Singapore since 1976 and remain committed to "Enabling Them To Maximise Their Potential". SHINE serves around 5,000 students, aged 5-21 years old, each year. The work we do helps to build young lives, enhances their resilience and SHINE the light of hope for their future. 

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