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Want to make a difference?

You’ve come to the right place. SHINE is the place for like-minded change-makers to build children, youth, and families.


Our Mission

“To Be A Leading Social Work Organisation In Enabling Children and Youth To Maximise Their Potential.”

Our Story

SHINE Children and Youth Services is a registered charity and a member of the National Council of Social Service. We have been empowering children, youth, and their families in Singapore since 1976 and remain committed to enabling them to maximise their potential. SHINE serves around 6,000 students each year. Our work helps build young lives, enhances their resilience, and offers hope for their future. 


Batrisya and Irdina Barniyah

improved tremendously in reading and word recognition skills 




learned to be independent and confident when trying something new


Nurin & Family

received grocery vouchers to help with day-to-day costs during Circuit Breaker


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Trusted By

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Our Intended Impact






SHINE strives that all children and youth, aged 5-21, served by us:

  • are positively developed with CompetenceConfidence and Character;

  • have meaningful Connections with family and society;

  • Care for others;

  • are positively engaged in school and

  • steer clear of crimes

​To achieve this, SHINE will reach out to Children and Youth from disadvantaged backgrounds through:

  • School-based, Centre-based, and Community-based Social Work;

  • Educational Psychology Programmes;

  • which are informed by Research, Theories, and Practice Wisdom;

  • whilst staying true to our Core Values

Our Core Values

We commit to serve our clients

• We listen to their needs and serve to empower them.

• We demonstrate the highest ethical standards.


We uphold professional excellence

• We emphasise integrity, teamwork and quality in our work.

• We treat our colleagues and co-workers with respect and dignity.

• We think and work creatively.

• We grow in our knowledge and skills.

• We learn from our mistakes.


We value our volunteers and service partners

• We develop and empower our volunteers.

• We support collaborative relationships.

• We recognise and celebrate contributions and accomplishments.

Want to Make a difference?

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