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SHINE Individual & Family Therapy Service (SH.IFT)

A therapy service by SHINE Children and Youth Services


About SH.IFT

SHINE Individual and Family Therapy Service (SH.IFT) aims to enhance children and youth, aged 7 to 21, and their families' functioning, coping, and resilience. SH.IFT works with a broad range of issues but not limited to:

  • Experiencing low moods/ anxieties

  • Transitioning to adulthood

  • Has limited social and coping skills

  • Engaging in at-risk behaviours

  • Experiencing identity issues

  • Family conflicts and tensions

  • Physically and/ or emotionally abusive backgrounds

The focus of the therapy is to help create shifts in perspectives and relationships through a holistic and integrative approach. Modes of therapy include:

  • Individual Counselling

  • Family Therapy

  • Child-Focused Therapy

  • Trauma Recovery

  • Gallup Strengths Coaching

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching

Counselling Fees

SH.IFT offers fully subsidised rates for the counselling sessions

Who Can Refer?

Referral by self, families or professionals

For enquiries, email us at

This programme is supported by:

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