Hello, We Are ResiL!ence

ResiL!ence is a community-based youth mental health programme meant for youths, aged 12 to 25 years, and their caregivers who are keen to gain insights and improve mental wellbeing.  


What’s in the name?

ResiL!ence, is a misspelled form of resilience and silence with an “!” to  

  • draw attention to the unspoken challenges of youth mental health,

  • highlight the underrated strengths of youths in adversity, and

  • encourage meaningful actions such as  

  1. Lighting up conversations about youth mental health,

  2. Improving mental health literacy among youths and caregivers,  

  3. Curating a line-up of outreach, engagement and mental resilience building activities,  

  4. Linking youths to resources, supports and services to lighten the burden of youth mental health.  


Activities and Services


The range of services aimed at promoting youth mental health include:


Note: Click on each service to find out more!  



ResiL!ence conducts various talks and workshops, suitable for youths and their caregivers. These could be delivered in-person or virtually, with the goal of increasing mental health literacy and self-help strategies. 

Topics covered include:

  • Coping with stress

  • Identifying signs and symptoms of distress

  • Managing relationships

  • Managing transitions

  • Suicide prevention

  • Supporting peers 

At no cost at these Venues / Platform:

  • Clementi, Yishun, Hougang

  • Zoom

If you have any queries or would like to share with us some topics you are interested in, kindly connect with us at:


Information & Referral


Should you have mental health needs or are looking for mental health related services, please contact us and we will provide recommendations or make the necessary referrals to help you access the resources and supports to lighten the mental health journey. We are just one call, text, or email away!


Mondays, Wednesdays - Fridays: 9am - 5pm | Tuesdays: 1 - 10pm

Email: resilience@shine.org.sg

Whatsapp: 8788 3171

Mental Health Screening

Have a conversation with our qualified mental health professionals to gain insights into your mental wellbeing. Thereafter, we’ll provide you with recommendations and assist you in accessing the resources and supports available to address your mental health needs. 

Each session is between 30 and 90 minutes. 

Connect with us to have a conversation! 

For mental health screening:

Mon, Wed - Fri : 9am - 5.30pm (last session at 4.30pm)

Tues : 6.30 - 9.30pm (last session at 8.30pm)



Through our interests, we can acquire positive coping skills and improve our sense of wellbeing. Join us in strengthening your mental health via interest based groups and activities.

The type of interest groups we can curate include:

  • Animal (e.g., pets)

  • Adventure (e.g., trekking, high elements)

  • Athletic (e.g., football, MMA)

  • Arts (e.g., drama, dance, art making)

  • Aptitude (e.g., culinary, baking, make-up)

  • Alternative (e.g., e-gaming, social media)

  • Avocation (e.g., board games, leisure)   


At no cost at these Venues / Platform:

  • Clementi, Yishun, Hougang

  • Zoom

Share with us your interests or get involved via resilience@shine.org.sg!

Interest Based Activities


Social support is essential in having good mental health. 


The type of support we provide include:

  • Regular check-ins on wellbeing 

  • Mentoring by youth workers

  • Counselling services 

  • Peer supporting by trained volunteers

  • Support groups 


Mondays, Wednesdays - Fridays: 9am - 5pm | Tuesdays: 1 - 10pm

At no cost at these Venues / Platform:

  • Clementi, Yishun, Hougang

  • Zoom


Basic Emotional Support

Caregiver Support

Join us in learning about how you can support your child to improve their mental health and ensuring your own wellbeing via talks, workshops and support groups.

At no cost at these Venues / Platform:

  • Clementi, Yishun, Hougang

  • Zoom

Whatsapp: 8788 3167
Email: resilience@shine.org.sg



Facebook: ResiLience at SHINE


Volunteering/Partner With Us!

There are various opportunities to advance the cause of youth mental health that can be undertaken on a once-off, project, short-term (< 3 months), or long-term (> 3 month) basis via these 4 roles:



To explore collaborations to promote youth mental health, please contact 



Volunteers – Advocates

Promote youth mental health awareness, recognition of early signs of concerns, and encourage help-seeking by conducting talks and webinars, and/or curating psychoeducation materials and campaigns (e.g., social media content, infographics).


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Volunteers – Peer Supporters


Befriending and journeying with youths in the mental health journey, including regular check-ins on wellbeing, supporting in group sessions and support groups, and assisting them in accessing mental health services in the community.  


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Volunteers – Caregiver Supporters

Assist caregivers in providing care to their youths and exercising self-care by sharing information on youth mental health and providing basic support to caregivers. 


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Volunteers – Collaborators

Enable youth mental health initiatives to gain traction via skills such as events planning and delivery, communications and publicity, graphic design, photography and videography, research and data analysis and more! 


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ResiLience at SHINE



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