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Hello, We Are ResiL!ence

ResiL!ence is the youth mental health service of SHINE and we provide a range of programmes for youths aged 12 and 25 years with mental health needs.

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What’s in the name?

ResiL!ence, is a misspelled form of resilience and silence with an “!” to  

  • draw attention to the unspoken challenges of youth mental health,

  • highlight the underrated strengths of youths in adversity, and

  • encourage meaningful actions such as  

  1. Lighting up conversations about youth mental health,

  2. Improving mental health literacy among youths and caregivers,  

  3. Curating a line-up of outreach, engagement and mental resilience building activities,  

  4. Linking youths to resources, supports and services to lighten the burden of youth mental health.  

Confidentiality and Parental Involvement


All of our mental health professionals are bound by confidentiality unless the youth is at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others.

No identifiable personal data or records will be shared with government agencies.

Youths aged 14 and above do not require parental consent when assessing our services.

We recognise the importance of caregivers’ involvement in improving the wellbeing of youths and will work at their pace to have the caregivers play a meaningful part in supporting their child. Caregiver involvement is encouraged but not required to assess our services.


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ResiL!ence conducts various talks and workshops, suitable for youths and their caregivers. These could be delivered in-person or virtually, with the goal of increasing mental health literacy and self-help strategies. 

Topics covered include:​

  • Coping with stress

  • Identifying signs and symptoms of distress

  • Managing relationships

  • Managing transitions

  • Suicide prevention

  • Supporting peers 

Mode of Service Delivery:

  • Online (Zoom)

  • In-person

If you have any queries or would like to share with us some topics you are interested in, kindly connect with us at:

Mental Heath Screening

Mental Health Screening

Have a conversation with our qualified mental health professionals to gain insights into your mental wellbeing. Thereafter, we’ll provide you with recommendations and assist you in accessing the resources and supports available to address your mental health needs. 

Each session is between 30 and 90 minutes. Screening services are

free of charge.

For mental health screening:

Mon to Fri: 9am to 6pm (arrangements can be made for those

who might require services after office hours)

Mode of service delivery:

  • Online (Zoom)

  • In-person (at a SHINE Centre – Clementi or Hougang)

Connect with us to have a conversation!


Basic Emotional Support

Social support is essential in having good mental health. 


The type of support we provide include:

  • Regular check-ins on wellbeing 

  • Mentoring by youth workers

  • Support groups 

  • Interest based groups

  • Counselling services


Mon to Fri: 9am – 6pm (arrangements can be made for those who might require services after office hours)

Mode of service delivery:

  • Online (Zoom)

  • In-person

Basic emotional support services are free of charge.

Connect with us to get support!

Basic Emotional Support

Interest Based Groups

Through our interests, we can acquire positive coping skills and improve our sense of wellbeing. Join us in strengthening your mental health via interest based groups and activities. These activities are done on a need and ad hoc basis, and are only available for those undergoing Basic Emotional Support with us.

The type of interest groups we can curate include:

  • Animal (e.g., pets)

  • Adventure (e.g., trekking, high elements)

  • Athletic (e.g., football, MMA)

  • Arts (e.g., drama, dance, art making)

  • Aptitude (e.g., culinary, baking, make-up)

  • Alternative (e.g., e-gaming, social media)

  • Avocation (e.g., board games, leisure)



Mode of Service Delivery:

  • Online (Zoom)

  • In-person

Interest Based Groups

Caregiver Support and Engagement

Join us in learning about how you can support your child to improve their mental health and ensuring your own wellbeing via talks, workshops and support groups.

Mode of service delivery:

  • Online (Zoom)

  • In-person

Caregiver support services are free of charge.

Reach out to us at:

Whatsapp: 8788 3171

Facebook: ResiLience at SHINE

Instagram: ResiL!ence @ SHINE


Information and Referral


Should you have mental health needs or are looking for mental health related services, please contact us and we will provide recommendations or make the necessary referrals to help you access the resources and supports to lighten the mental health journey. We are just one call, text, or email away!


Connect with Us!

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Whatsapp: 8788 3171


Volunteer or Partner With Us!

There are various opportunities to advance the cause of youth mental health that can be undertaken on a once-off, project, short-term (< 3 months), or long-term (> 3 month) basis.


Please check out the roles we are recruiting now here:

To explore collaborations to promote youth mental health, please contact

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Caregiver Support and Engagement
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Connect with Us!


ResiLience at SHINE



8788 3171

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> Resources For Caregivers

Should you wish to be engaged in our services, kindly fill up the form at:

and we will contact you shortly!

L!ght Up Newsletter

Each newsletter issue aims to explore various topics of youth mental health such that we may be better informed as well as learn about effective coping strategies and avenues of support we can reach out to.


Subscribe here:

Light Up Newsletter


Myloh is a mental health e-buddy app that was developed by a start-up, Myloh, in recognition of the rising mental health struggles amongst youths in Singapore. Myloh refers to My Life of Hope; it hopes to provide holistic support to individuals, with features to promote the mental well-being of youths in Singapore. Learn more about it on our social media!


To sign up, click here:


Resources for Caregivers

Supporting a young person in need can be challenging at times. Check out this list of resources we have collated and curated to aid you in supporting them more effectively while ensuring your own wellbeing here!

There is a parent toolkit, stories of Singaporeans with lived experiences, a roadmap to navigate mental health services and self-directed modules to improve mental health literacy.

Resources for Caregivers
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