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SHINE Is My Ray Of Hope

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

During the Circuit Breaker, Mdm Fizah, a single mother, found herself torn between her role as a mother of two young boys and a new job as an essential worker in the logistics sector.

Unable to work from home, she had to teach 10-year-old Mikail Adam, already struggling with school, to care for his three-year-old brother. She checked in through hourly phone calls, but there was still Home-Based Learning and meals to worry about.

Fortunately, YOU were there to help.

You helped fund The Educational Psychology Service (EPS), which Mikail had been a part of since 2019.

A social worker referred him to EPS. EPS did an initial consultation and assessment and found him behind his peers by approximately two years of age in receptive vocabulary and comprehension.

A Learning Specialist helped him work through work on sequencing and spelling over Zoom, f2f sessions after CB see above]

You helped boost his confidence and social skills.

His English school teacher commented that his spelling has improved.

He made fewer mistakes when writing sentences, was more confident and better able to answer questions asked of him, and politely tried to reply even when questions were challenging.

Guided questions helped him work through and better understand the material from school, prompting deeper thinking and helping to improve his vocabulary. Mikail also learned to reach out, sending his Learning Specialist voice notes asking for help.

Your sponsorship of the Ready Meals scheme also meant Mdm Fizah did not have to worry about rushing home to prepare meals for the family.

Mikail exited from ALPS face-to-face small group class continued support in ALPS Odyssey via Zoom.

Mdm Fizah says the resources and support provide the steady hand she needs to ensure her family thrives. She adds that many others face similar challenges and hope to pay the help forward in the future.

“SHINE donors have been a ray of hope. I have promised myself that if I am better off one day, I will be the one giving to others.”

Your help makes a difference. To find out how you can be a part of our Nothing is Impossible campaign and support the work we do to empower children, youths, and their families, head on to our website at or donate to our projects at

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