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Voices of Our Youth and Social Worker

Raina’s Q&A

1. Why did you join SHINE’s programme?

I joined SHINE’s Programme because I wanted to try something new and I hope to help people in the community.

2. What have you learned from the programme?

I’ve learned how to better communicate with my team members as we agree to disagree during discussions. I’ve also learned to be independent as I cannot always rely on others for my responsibilities and also be confident when trying something new.

3. What would you like to say to SHINE?

I would like to say thank you for giving me and the others the opportunity to grow our leadership skills and grow as a person.


Joint Q&A for Ms. Tan Yee Ying and Raina

1. What made you decide to sign up as a crime prevention leader in SHINE? (Raina)

I wanted to try something new and I hope to help people in the community.

2. What are some things you do as a crime prevention leader? (Raina)

• We go for outreach patrols with the police officers to share crime prevention messages.

• We also planned and set up a crime prevention booth in school to educate our schoolmates.

• We learned knowledge on laws and teach our juniors through the help of NUS Law Mentors.

• We also do community projects such as Project Together We Soar when we encourage staff at Changi Airport during the Covid period.

3. Who are the people that support you in this journey? (Raina)

Firstly, my family as they allow me to join and try this programme.

Secondly, would be the staff at SHINE who guided me throughout this programme and gave me opportunities.

Lastly, my friends in the programme helped me in discussions and allowed me to express myself.

4. What is the most memorable experience for both of you? (Raina)

I would never forget that day it was my birthday when we were having a rehearsal for a presentation to the principal on Project Together We Soar. I was surprised because it was sudden that the staff at SHINE brought a cake to celebrate with me my birthday. I did not expect it and it made me very happy.

5. What is the intended impact for youths in SHINE? (YY)

SHINE as an organization strives that all children and youth, aged 5-21, served by us:

  • ​are positively developed with Competence, Confidence, and Character;

  • have meaningful Connections with family and society;

  • Care for others;

  • are Positively Engaged in School and

  • Steer Clear of Crimes

We do this through a strengths-based approach and close collaboration with the schools and partners, providing individual social work support for each youth and their families where needed.

6) How has the programme in SHINE supported Raina in achieving those intended impacts? (YY)

As mentioned earlier by Raina, the programme had provided a platform and opportunity for Raina and other youths to gain knowledge and skills in the areas of crime prevention, leadership development, and personal development through various group work conducted by social workers, police officers, valuable partners, and volunteers.

In addition, there were also opportunities and support from the stakeholders such as funders, school, police, and community partners, to recognise the youths’ contributions as a leader in the community and school.

One example would be what Raina mentioned about Project Together We Soar, a community service project where Raina and other leaders spent a total of one-year learning, planning, and executing a project where they seek support from school leaders to mobilize the school population to gather more than 2000 written messages of encouragement for the staff of Changi Airport Group due to the impact this pandemic had on air travel.

7) What is the most memorable experience for both of you? (YY)

For me would be the day when I saw Raina and her team did their rehearsal for the presentation to school leaders to gain support for the project to be executed in school.

That night, I felt her fear and anxiety, as public speaking was not something that was natural for her. Yet, what I saw was her perseverance, courage, and commitment to do her best to perfect her presentation so that the project can be successfully executed in school.

Compared to the Raina I first met in Secondary 2, she had grown tremendously in her self-confidence. Despite facing multiple challenges, Raina overcame them with her determination, openness to learning, and the heart to do her best.

To be able to journey and witness her growth, I am privileged and beaming with pride, and I am truly proud of how far she had come today.

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