Educational Psychology Services

Our Services Include:
  • EN3: Engage. Enrich. Enable
    (Assessment and Diagnosis service)

  • Reading Odyssey

  • Actualizing Learning Potential Promoting Social skills Programme (ALPS)

RO at C.L.U.B Ministry
RO at C.L.U.B Ministry

collartge 2018 team sticking
collartge 2018 team sticking

RO at C.L.U.B Ministry
RO at C.L.U.B Ministry

For referrals of children and youth to EN3 (Assessment and Diagnosis service) and engagement of our Psychologists for Training and Education, please contact:

Education is an important social leveller in Singapore. Through our Educational Psychology Service (EPS), SHINE Children and Youth Services strives to serve children and youth with learning difficulties and disabilities, and related social issues in the mainstream school setting. This is done through our repertoire of assessment and intervention services delivered by our team of Educational Psychologists, Associate Psychologists and Learning Specialists.

Programmes and services are tailored to increase learning ability, develop social skills and confidence to learn, thus contributing to increasing well- being, and enabling meaningful inclusion in school and the community.

The services are designed to build a child’s Confidence and Competence to learn through multi-sensory approaches and practice-oriented techniques. Parents and teachers are partnered through consultations, discussions and training programmes. Parent support programmes help to equip and empower parents and caregivers to understand and better engage with their children/ youth.


We serve children studying in mainstream schools, with needs for diagnostic assessment of learning and behavioural-related issues, including developmental disorders like autism and dyslexia; children with needs requiring intervention and learning programmes; parents, caregivers and professionals working with children.

We accept referrals for youths up to the age of 21 on a case-by-case basis.

6593 6462

Centre for Educational Psychology Assessment:

For referrals of children to Learning and Social Support Programmes, please contact any of our service sites nearest to you:

Clementi Site

Hougang Site(HQ)

Yishun Site

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