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Community-based Reading Odyssey

A Journey to read for meaning, knowledge & understanding
A community movement in enabling children to be lifelong learners, 

powered by inter-agency collaborations & volunteers 

The Reading Odyssey (RO) is a reading programme for children with low reading ability. Through collaboration with community groups and volunteers, the movement encourages:

  • a guided reading approach

  • the development of information processing skills in children

  • the increase of well-being and social mobility in children, and their meaningful inclusion in society


The programme serves primary school children who are vulnerable by their social circumstances or unmet need.


As of Dec 2019, the programme has served about 600 children and involved more than 500 volunteers. 

Reading Odyssey: Stories at Home

During the COVID-19 period, there were many unprecedented challenges and the team alongside with community partners, continued to reach out and engage the children by exploring new modes of engagement.


SHINE launched a series of online sessions, guided by volunteers called ‘Reading Odyssey: Stories at Home’ which could be accessed through mobile phones or other digital devices.

Our Community-Based Reading Odyssey groups:

1.    @27 FSC
2.    AMK FSC
3.    Community of Praise Baptist Church (C.L.U.B. Ministries)
4.    Spooner Road
5.    Touch Young Arrows (TYA) Hougang1
6.    TYA Marine Parade
7.    TYA Sembawang
8.    TYA Serangoon
9.    TYA Tampines
10.    Ulu Pandan Stars (UPStars)

RO Child engaged in follow up activity
RO Child engaged in follow up activity

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RO siblings engaged together
RO siblings engaged together

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Hannah Huang Associate Psychologist
Hannah Huang Associate Psychologist

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RO Child engaged in follow up activity
RO Child engaged in follow up activity

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Volunteer with the Reading Odyssey Programme

SHINE partners with community groups and social service agencies to run the Reading Odyssey programme for the children they outreach to. The programme provides volunteers with training and the opportunity to help enable the children to get a good start in reading so that they can perform better in life. Reading Odyssey sessions commence at different start dates depending on the community group. 
As a volunteer under our community partners, you will be required to:

  • Undergo a training prior to a programme run to be equipped with information on programme and guided reading approach

  • read with children, either in pairs or in small groups

  • listen to children reading aloud

  • engage in discussion with the children to build up their confidence and reading and comprehension skills

  • Take part in relevant pre-post session briefing / debrief sessions as part of skills development and support

Session information:

  • estimated 2.5 hours per session, 12 sessions every half yearly typically between Jan to May and between July to November.

  • weekday nights / Saturday mornings or afternoons (varies by community)


Volunteer with Reading Odyssey 

Please register your interest via this online form, so you can be connected to the Reading Odyssey community partner as well as to assess suitability:


Volunteer With SHINE

If you would like to consider exploring volunteering with SHINE via other programmes please click here:


Interest to start a Reading Odyssey Programme

If you are representing a community group or social service agency with interest to set up and run the Reading Odyssey programme in your community for the children that your agency outreaches to, please register your interest via this online link  and we will connect with you:

Help our Children and Youth SHINE!

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