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Educational Psychology Services

About Educational Psychology Services

Education is an important social leveller in Singapore. Through our Educational Psychology Service (EPS), SHINE Children and Youth Services strives to serve children and youth with learning difficulties and disabilities, and related social issues.

Assessment, intervention and parent support services are delivered by our team of Educational Psychologists, Associate Psychologists and Learning Specialists.

The programmes are designed with the aim to contribute towards increasing a child/ youth’s well-being,  empowering them to be life-long learners, and enabling their meaningful engagement and inclusion in the community.

Our services includes:

ALPS Language and literacy intervention programme

(to Actualize Learning Potential and Promote Skills required for meaningful learning)

EN3: Engage. Enrich. Enable

(Psycho-educational Assessment, Diagnosis & Consultation service)

Reading Odyssey

(SHINE partners with community groups to run a volunteer supported reading programme for children with reading difficulties in the community.)

ALPS Literacy and Language Intervention programme

ALPS programme sessions incorporate multi-sensory approaches and practice-oriented methods to address the learning difficulties and disabilities of children between 7 to 12 years of age (primary school-going age),  who are typically 2 to 3 years behind their same-aged peers in their language and literacy levels. Sessions are designed to develop ability in language and literacy and build competence and confidence to learn meaningfully. They are typically conducted in small groups of between 2 to 4, and children are placed according to learning ability rather than by school level.


Parents, teachers, and volunteers are partnered through consultations, discussions, and training programmes where relevant. Parent support sessions help to equip and empower parents and caregivers to understand and better engage with their children.


Children go through an intake assessment and consultation session to better understand their needs and discuss follow-up support and suitability for the programme. Wait times apply for the programme as well as for intake assessments that are conducted periodically in a year.

Referral form for registering for an intake assessment and consultation can be obtained by emailing / contacting us via the following:



Telephone: +65 6286 9905



Telephone: +65 6778 6867



Telephone: +65 6759 6821

EN3 Psycho-educational Assessment, Diagnosis & Consultation service

Children/ youth between 6 years to 18  years of age (above 18 years to 21 years old on a case by case basis) with needs for:

Psycho-educational diagnostic assessment: for purpose of diagnosing for learning and behavioural-related issues and developmental conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, other learning or cognitive disabilities.


Reassessment of needs in achievement and learning: for purpose of updating of current learning needs and provision of recommendations, such as for follow up support;  for access arrangements for school and national examinations.

Screening Assessment: language and literacy screening.

Overall, the assessments assist in areas including the following:

Understand learning profiles, strengths and needs

Uncover hidden issues and difficulties coping with academic and social demands

Inform learning intervention /follow up support

Support decision making for school placements / access arrangements.

Referral form/ information sheet can be obtained by contacting us via the following:

Whatsapp / Call: +65 8855 3570

(As we may be in session, and may not be able to receive calls at all times, please text/ whatsapp your contact details / email & we will get back to you as soon as able. Thank you! )

Help our Children and Youth SHINE!

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