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SHINE Newsletter (June Edition)

Updated: Jun 28

Hello, SHINE Stars!

We're thrilled to have you in our SHINE community! Your support is the heartbeat of our success, helping us uplift and inspire children and youth. Let's dive into some exciting highlights and updates!


🎉 Happy Birthday, SHINE! 🎉

We turned 48 this year! A huge thank you to all our supporters for your generosity and kindness.

Together, we continue our mission to maximise potential.

Happy birthday, SHINE!

Discover how far we've come and the impact we've made over the years.

Visit SHINE Milestones to learn more about our journey and achievements!


Special Feature:

🎪 Discovery Adventure Fair Carnival

On June 1st, Clementi Community Center buzzed with laughter and excitement at the "Discovery Adventure Fair".

Children learned about crime prevention, eco-friendly practices, mindfulness, mental health, and financial literacy through engaging activities.

The day was filled with fun games and memorable moments, thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

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SHINE Programmes & Services

📚 Empowering Lifelong Learners: The Impact of the Reading Odyssey Programme

Children gathered with rapt attention as our amazing volunteers from Reading Odyssey shared enchanting stories.

Our Reading Odyssey programme helps children from underprivileged backgrounds improve their reading abilities through guided reading and information processing games.

It's not just about reading – it's about understanding, thinking, and growing.

Do you love books and want to make a difference in a child's life?

Become a Reading Mentor with our Reading Odyssey programme!


🚓 Youth COP Leaders: Empowering Youth Crime-Prevention

Our Youth COP programme trains young leaders to become crime-prevention champions in their communities.

Our youth shone brightly, we are proud to share their various contributions at national platforms and to receive the Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award in 2023.

Our young leaders overcame fears, built friendships, and made a significant impact.

Go, Youth COP leaders!

Join our community and see how our young leaders are making a difference every day.

Let's empower the next generation of crime-prevention champions together!

👉 Follow us now: @YouthCOP 👈


💪 ResiL!ence: Growing Stronger

ResiL!ence (RL!) was established in 2020 to provide dynamic support to youths aged 12 to 25 and their caregivers.

We're proud to be appointed by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to deliver CREST Youth, a preventive programme offering mental health screenings for youths in distress, and Youth Integrated Team (YIT), an intervention programme providing mental health assessments and therapeutic support in the West region of Singapore.

Our exciting island-wide pilots include "Walk with Me," a peer support programme for youths at risk of or exhibiting non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), and "Just Fur Fun," a group-based animal-assisted care programme designed to boost mental well-being and encourage prosocial help-seeking.

With digital mental health initiatives via social media, apps, and e-newsletters, we're making mental health services fun and friendly for adolescents!

Join our community and help us spread the message of hope and resilience.

Your support makes a world of difference!

👉 Follow us now: @ministryofmental 👈


🌟 Empowering Youth Volunteerism: YCDT @ SHINE

Since November 2022, our Youth Corps Development Team (YCDT @ SHINE) has collaborated with over 50 organizations, recruiting and deploying 1,700 youth volunteers.

These volunteers supported 2,580 clients through various programmes, enhancing community service and volunteer management capabilities.

Be part of our vibrant community and get the inside scoop on how you can make a difference.

We can't wait to connect with you!

👉 Join now: SHINECYS on Telegram 👈


📚 Empowering Training and Consultancy Services Professionals

We strives to advance the social service sector with diverse training programmes, including workshops and certification courses.

We also participated in international conferences, sharing our expertise and learning from others.

Join us and gain the knowledge and tools you need to drive impactful change within your community.

Start your learning journey with SHINE today! 👉 Visit us now: SHINE Training Courses 👈


Corporate Partner Highlight:

✈️ Changi Airport Group (CAG)- Changi Foundation

CAG has been a steadfast supporter of Youth COP - SHINE's award-winning youth leadership development programme which aims to groom youth crime-prevention leaders to serve, protect and care for the community, for the past 10 years.

Their support has been instrumental in growing the programme’s outreach and sustaining the great work done with youth from the various schools and Neighbourhood Police Centres.

CAG also attended many of the programme’s Appointment Ceremonies and presented the awards to our youth leaders, a distinct testament of their dedication and belief to youth empowerment and development.

We deeply appreciate their commitment and look forward to continuing this impactful partnership.

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Together, we can empower the next generation of leaders and create positive change.


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Together, let's keep shining brightly and create a brighter future for all.

Thank you for being a part of our SHINE community!


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