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SHINE Singer's Biggest Inspiration: Her Mother

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Despite her challenges growing up as a teenager, Syafina turned to singing as a way to help her cope. She is a regular SHINE youth singer, performing in our events such as the ACE Awards Night, SHINE Volunteer Appreciation and even the Social Worker Day 2015. But her biggest inspiration comes from her mother, whom she dedicates "International Woman's Day 2020". Here's her story:

Syafina recounted, "Back in my younger teenage days, I was short tempered & not easy to deal with as a teen. At the same time, I lost both my father and eldest brother within a year. Singing became a great outlet for me. But at the same time, I often look back and find great strength in my mum".

"My mother has inspired me to who I am today. I love her to bits and will do anything to teach my future children what she has taught me"

Syafina's mother single-handedly raised Syafina and her siblings after losing both her husband and her eldest child in a space of a year due to illness. Despite her own grief, Syafina's mother picked herself up to be the parental figure for Syafina and her siblings.

Syafina recounted, "She has got to be the strongest woman I have lived to see. Working as a petrol pump cashier, she had to deal with all kinds of people. But she dealt with stress and anger with determined fashion, giving herself no time to grief, instead she chose commitment to raise and care for her children. My mother has inspired me to who I am today. I love her to bits and will do anything to teach my future children what she has taught me."

Today, Syafina, now 23, is a full time Clinic Assistant, one of our frontlines working hard in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. She is happy and thankful for the journey she has taken and for SHINE to play a part in her teenage life by providing her with platforms to fulfil her passion of singing. Today, she still takes on freelance gigs as a singer for weddings. Help support us to support youths like Syafina in finding platforms to shine!

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