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 Training, Consultancy and Research 

The Training, Consultancy and Research (TCR) Team strives to be a leading training and consultancy service provider. We do this through the development, promotion and training of good practices, as well as research endeavours. Our aim is to see professionals working with children and youth become competent and confident practitioners who are committed to research-informed practice.

TCR is also the key driver for SHINE Children and Youth Services strategic planning and direction.

  • Training for Professionals working with children and youth

  • Development of Curriculum on children and youth work practices

  • Seminars and Conferences

Our partners/clients include:
  • Social Service Institute

  • Health Promotion Board

  • Ministry of Education

  • Temasek Foundation

  • Self Help Groups Student Care Limited

Our Seminars and Conferences:
  • Reaching Greater Heights (2001)

  • Voices and Choices (2002)

  • Working with Students: A Systemic Approach (2003)

  • Youth Mentoring Convention: The Promise of Mentoring (2004)

  • International Conference on Inclusive Education: The School as a Caring Community (2005)

  • Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Helping Youth Pursue Excellence (2006)

  • Helping Self-Mutilating Clients (2007)

  • Discovering the Rhythm in You: A Professional Seminar on the Practice of Group Work (2008)

  • Engaging Youths to Succeed in Schools – co-organised and presented with National Youth Council’s ASEAN+3 seminar on Urban Youth Work IV (2010)

  • International Conference on Children and Youth Work Practices (2016)

  • Clinical Supervision for Social Workers and Professionals working with children and youth

  • Children/Youth Programmes and Services Consultancy

Our partners/clients include:
  • Ministry of Social and Family Development – Singapore

  • AMKFSC Community Services

  • Malay Youth Literacy Association (4PM)

  • Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

  • Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association
    (CARE Singapore)

  • Children’s Aid Society (Melrose Home)

  • Assumption Pathway School (APS)

  • Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd’s (PKGS) –
    Kuala Lumpur

  • Career Education & Counselling Division (CECD), Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education – Bhutan

  • Needs Assessment

  • Programme Evaluation

  • Research Studies

Our partners/clients include:
  • Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

  • Ai Tong Primary School

  • Bartley Secondary School

  • CampVision

  • Clementi Primary School

  • Holy Innocents High

  • ITE College East

  • ITE College West

  • Marymount Convent School

  • New Town Primary School

  • New Town Secondary School

  • Northland Secondary School

  • Pei Xin Primary School

  • St Joseph’s Convent

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