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From a donor-grantee partnership to a friendship in youth work

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The work that SHINE does would not be possible without the strong support of our many partners and sponsors. One such partner is Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS). With deep understanding of local issues and evolving needs, CFS identifies gaps and opportunities in the community to foster more effective giving. Read on their story of this collaborative partnership with SHINE.

Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) provides connections to donors and grants; and does donor stewardship and engagement. We are proud to partner with SHINE on various programmes. Our list of joint achievements includes piloting the secondment of school social workers in Singapore, the evolution of ACE Football Programme, and partnership on the Singapore Youth Impact Collective.

"From a simple donor-grantee relationship, our partnership with SHINE has evolved to one where they are able to advise us on developments and best practices in social work and the youth development sector"

From a simple donor-grantee relationship, our partnership with SHINE has evolved to one where they are able to advise us on some of the current developments and best practices in the social work and youth development sectors, as well as provide honest insights on operational challenges that charities face on the ground so that funders are better-informed.

During one of the programme site visits to Spooner Road, we could see how involved and dedicated their staff were at keeping track of the children and youths in each family unit living in the public rental fl ats. There was a huge board with post-its and stickers representing each unit, with notes on the children and youth that the staff constantly update as they do their rounds of ground engagement. This allows them to be aware of the developments in each family unit. It really shows their dedication and care for their beneficiaries.

We believe in SHINE’s cause to develop youths positively towards a better future. We hope that SHINE will constantly stay ahead of the curve for best practices in youth intervention programmes in Singapore.

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