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SHINE Helps The Little Helper

Updated: Jul 15

While most primary schoolers might toy with playing house, Nurin Emelda Putri Abdullah (far left) tends to four very real dolls – her four younger siblings.

The the eldest of five, shoulders several big responsibilities to help her housewife mother, and her GrabFood driver father, Mr Rohyzad, the family’s sole breadwinner.

During last year’s Circuit Breaker, while her mother also recovered from her pregnancy, big sister Nurin stepped in as a primary caregiver, giving the young ones showers, making sure they ate their meals, and keeping them entertained. With both parents occupied, her father struggling to make ends meet and a newborn in the home, there was little time or attention for extras – or for Nurin to get some of the help she herself needed.

This included the help she received with reading and writing through SHINE’s Actualizing Learning Potential Promoting Social skills Programme (ALPS) Elementary programme, which she had been enrolled in since mid-2018, when her parents realized she was struggling.

Before the Circuit Breaker, Nurin would faithfully make her way to our SHINE centre at Hougang, sometimes on her own when her parents were too busy to take her. However, the Circuit Breaker put an end to physical classes, where she had been making steady progress. Unfortunately, the family didn’t own a laptop or device for Nurin to do Home-Based Learning with her school, let alone ALPS.

Thanks to YOU, Nurin got help – through a programme made possible by SHINE’s donors, we were able to loan the family a tablet with data subscription to use for both HBL and to continue with her ALPS sessions online. She received weekly scaffolded assignments and also had weekly calls with our Learning Specialist Ms Lim Suyin. Meanwhile, the family received grocery vouchers to help with day-to-day costs.

Said Mr Rohyzad: “We can have proper meals, and Nurin was has been able to keep learning despite the Circuit Breaker. I am grateful for the kind souls that were are able to help. Thank you for going the extra mile to help.”

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