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Targeted Interventions

Targeted Interventions focuses on target groups with specific needs and issues. Social Work professionals reach out to vulnerable at risk children, youth and their families through preventive, early intervention and remedial programmes, guided by research, theories, practice wisdom and professional excellence.

SHINE is the Integrated Service Provider (ISP) appointed by MSF,  running the following programmes:

  • Guidance Programme (GP) is a 6-month pre-court diversionary programme for youth offenders who have committed minor offences. Those who successfully complete the programme are given a warning in lieu of court prosecution.

  • Enhanced STEP-UP (ESU)  is a support programme for students at risk of dropping out of school and youth who are out of school.

  • Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES) is a 6-month structured programme targeted at youth below 21 years of age arrested for drug consumption, to complement the urine supervision regime with casework and counselling interventions.​


  • Theft Intervention Programme (TIP) is a specialised treatment group programme for adolescents who have repeatedly committed theft offences.

  • Triage aims to assist in the early identification and diversion of youth offenders from the criminal justice system for upstream work, assisting to form decisions on the appropriate response to the young person’s offending behaviour.

We also run Youth COP (Community Outreach Patrol), an award-winning youth-developmental social work programme that aims to develop youth crime-prevention leaders and to reduce juvenile delinquency among youth through leadership development, early prevention and intervention work. As youth crime is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, it requires a many-helping-hands approach with families, schools and the community working together.


Youth COP builds upon a tri-partite collaboration between SHINE, Neighbourhood Police Centres and the Schools, tapping on the strengths and expertise of each partner to equip youth with the needed skills, opportunities and recognition to maximise their potential.

ResiL!ence is a community based youth mental health service aimed at promoting mental resilience among youths, aged 12 to 25, as well as supporting those in recovery. The range of services provided include outreach and psychoeducation, mental health screening, basic emotional support, peer support, interest-based activities, and caregiver engagement.

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