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Continuing During Hard Times

Updated: Jan 11

"I am grateful that there are kind souls that are able to help" - Mr Rohyzad (Father of Nurin)

Nurin is a cheerful, sociable and well-mannered 9-year-old girl who makes friends easily and loves a good laugh from time to time. But unlike other girls of her age, her favourite hobby is to help take care of her four younger siblings, age 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, and 7 months old. Besides school, her daily routine includes helping to feed her siblings, shower them, and play with them.

Nurin comes from a family of 7, and she is the eldest of the 5 children. Her father, Mr Rohyzad is the sole breadwinner, working as a food deliverer and struggles to make ends meet for the big family. The recent Circuit Breaker took a toll on their family as father’s income suffered a drop and family expenses increased with a newborn in the family. SHINE supported Nurin’s family during this period by providing them with supermarket vouchers for groceries.

Despite their busyness, Nurin’s parents actively sought for literacy support for Nurin when they realised that she did not pick up reading and writing like the other children. They approached SHINE in mid-2018 when Nurin was in Primary 1. She was significantly delayed in her word recognition and reading skills and was placed in SHINE’s ALPS Elementary programme, a weekly language and literacy intervention class. Under the encouragement and guidance of our Learning Specialists, Nurin slowly rebuilt her confidence in reading. Her positive learning attitude and fight spirit has also helped her to persevere in this journey even though she still struggles to catch up with her peers. There were times when parents were tied down with work and caregiving matters and could not bring her for her weekly ALPS classes. Nurin would try to make the trip down to SHINE to attend classes by herself.

During the recent Circuit Breaker, SHINE loaned a tablet with data subscription to the family to ensure that Nurin can access her school’s home-based learning platform, as family did not own any computer or laptop. Learning Specialist, Ms Lim, also took the opportunity to connect with Nurin remotely through ALPS held online. Weekly scaffolded online assignments were sent to her and upon completion, Ms Lim would call her to go through the work she had done and reinforce her learning. Parents were heartened to see how Nurin could continue to be engaged meaningfully and learn during this period.

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